Certificate of Non impediment to Marry

A Certificate of non-impediment is issued to South African citizen who intends to marry outside South Africa in a Foreign Country. The certificate is used to confirm that there are no impediments preventing the applicant from entering into a marriage. This is usually requested by the Foreign Marriage registration authorities before one will be legally allowed to marry and before a marriage licence will be granted.  In layman terms the certificate of Non Impediment proves that a person is free and single and able to enter into a Marriage, ie that they are not currently in a Marriage or a non-finalised Divorce.

The certificate is issued by the Department of Home Affairs, after application is made the department will check the applicants details against the population and marriage roll registers to ascertain their current marital status. They will then issue the certificate of Non-impediment to Marry.

Some of the other names for these: Certificate de Nulla Osta, or Certificate de Coutume or a declaration of unmarried status 


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