Vault copy of birth registration certificate
Vault copy.
​Vault Copy of Birth Registration Certificate: An Essential Document for Proving Lineage

When a child's birth is registered with the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa, the completed DHA24 form (or BI24 form for older copies) is sent to the archives at the head office. Archives create a file for each citizen, and the DHA24 form is placed in the file, which is then kept in the Vault at Head Office. A Vault copy is a certified copy of this registration form, stamped and signed by the Director General, indicating that it is a true copy.

Why is a Vault copy required, you might ask? According to many foreign passport and visa issuing authorities, the original content contained on the Vault copy is necessary in addition to the unabridged birth certificate, as it serves as a protective measure against fraud. It is believed that computer-generated unabridged birth certificates are vulnerable to forgery. The Vault copy of the birth registration is essential in proving one's lineage.

The Vault copy is a handwritten registration form completed at the time of registration, containing information such as the child's name and surname, date and place of birth, and marital status of the parents. It also includes details about the parents, such as their names, surnames, and dates and places of birth.

Due to the nature of locating the original file to take a copy of the birth registration form, the process can take the Department of Home Affairs many months, and in some cases, even many years. The process is further delayed by courier bags needing to be full before they are returned to the various branches of Home Affairs. Further delays occur at the branch level, where these bags need to be sorted and filed.

At our organization, we are able to assist with obtaining Vault copies in just 3 to 5 weeks. We take pride in delivering this excellent service. It's important to note, however, that we can only produce the Vault copies of files that exist in archives, as Home Affairs has lost some records. In such cases where records cannot be located, we will refund half of the funds paid and advise on what can be done to create new records.

If you require a Vault copy of your birth registration certificate, simply complete the form on our website and check the option box for Vault copy. Scan and email the completed form back to us, and we'll take care of the rest.

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