1st time Applications for ​British Passports

1st Time application or replacement of lapsed British passports
We offer assistance with applying for 1st time UK Passports and replacing a lapsed passport.
Her Majesty’s Passport Office consider a Passport that has been expired for more than 10 years to have lapsed. Lapsed Passports are treated the same as 1st time applications by HM Passport Office and this is why the category will be addressed here as well.

What service do we offer

We offer a fully comprehensive start to finish one stop service in which we will consult on all that is required to enable the client to make a successful application for their UK Passport.
We assist in sourcing the required documents as well as lodging the application on our client’s behalf.

We have an extensive network to facilitate in procuring the required certificates from the UK registry Office, Home Affairs as well as Zimbabwe and Zambia.

In order to enable us to apply for your British Passport, we will need you to send us a digital picture of yourself, you can have someone take the picture with a cell phone and email it through or you can have one taken at a Kodak or similar store and request a digital version.

We will need you to complete section 2,3 and 4 of the 0S form. Should you have a certificate of Naturalisation or Registration as a Citizen you will need to complete section 5 of the form as well. Please note that the form is purely for our office use.

Please send us scans of the certificates in your possession if you would like us to assess their validity for the process and advise further on what is required.

We will send a courier to you to collect all and will ensure that the application has been compiled correctly before being couriered to the UK for processing.

We are able to track the courier and receive a proof of delivery as soon as the application arrives in the UK.
We will also keep track of the status of the application throughout the duration of the process.

We are in your service until the UK passport and supporting documents have been safely delivered into your hands.

Who can apply for the Passport?
Any British Citizen born in the UK to British Parent's
Any person who has a lapsed UK passport,
Any person who was born outside of the UK to a British born Father who was Married to their Mother at any point
Any person born to a British Mother after 1983
People holding a certificate of registration as a British Citizen
People holding a certificate of Naturalisation as a British Subject and their Children

Should you qualify through any of the above ways,you are considered a UK Citizen or subject and we can proceed with the Passport application.

Should you qualify to make an application for UK Citizenship in any of the below manners please visit the relevant page on our site below:

Born before 1983 to a UK born Mother
Registration of UK Citizenship for Persons born to an unmarried UK Father before 2006 
Registration of Uk Citizenship for children under 18 born to a UK Citizen by descent
Call us today for advice and for information on the process.