UK Passports


Can I travel with an expired UK Passport?

If your passport has expired, you must renew it before you can travel.

Do not book travel until you have a valid passport

Will my new British Passport have the same number as the old one:


your new passport will not have the same number as your old one.


My British Passport has 3 months’ validity; can I travel with it?

You need at least 6 months left on your passport to travel to certain countries. You can however travel to the UK with a passport that is valid for 3 months.

Can I renew my UK Passport before the 6 months’ period?

You can renew whenever you want but it is well noted that time left on your old passport will not be added to your new one.

I have an EU British Passport, will I need to replace it because of Brexit?

If your passport is burgundy or has ‘European Union’ on the cover, you can still use it as long as it has enough time left on it.

NB Should your Passport be valid for more than 10 years then it is not valid for travel to the EU

At what age can I apply for an adult UK Passport

You must be aged 16 or over (or turning 16 in the next 3 weeks) to get an adult passport.

How long does the process take?

It is currently taking about 4 weeks at HM Passport Office

How will my new British Passport be sent to me?

Your Passport will be sent with DHL to your residential address, this is why it is important to send current proof of address.

Will my Old Passport be returned to me?

Your Old Passport along with any supporting documents will also be returned Via DHL but in a separate courier package. This is done for security reasons and usually comes a few days apart.





British Passport Renewals

Renew your British Passport

Immigration Assist: A Convenient Solution for Renewing Your British Passport


Don't let the process of renewing your British passport get you down. Immigration Assist is here to take the burden off your shoulders with our stress-free renewal service. We are committed to making the process as easy and convenient as possible for you.


We take care of all the necessary steps, including lodging your application online with His Majesty's Passport Office and sending a courier to collect your old passport and forms. All we require from you is a color passport photo of yourself, which can be easily obtained at a Kodak or similar store and proof of address.


Our service ensures that your new passport will be ready in about 2 to 4 weeks and delivered directly to your residential address. DHL send your old and new British Passports in two separate packages for security reasons. You can rest assured that your documents are in good hands with our reliable and experienced team.


We keep you informed throughout the process, providing regular updates on the status of your application and forwarding any correspondence from HM Passport Office via email.


It's important to note that if your passport has been expired for more than 10 years, it is considered lapsed by HM Passport Office and is treated as a first-time application. Additionally, if your passport was issued at a foreign consulate and has been expired for more than five years, HM Passport Office may request original supporting certificates.


Let Immigration Assist take care of the hassle of renewing your British passport, leaving you with peace of mind and a renewed passport ready for your next Travels. Contact us today to get started.



first time application. Please visit this page on our website for more information or call or email us. Further to the above, HM 

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