UKM Application

Application for Citizenship through a United Kingdom Mother

People born to a UK born Mother after 1983 qualify automatically to apply for a Uk passport, however should you be born before 1983 you must first apply to register as a UK Citizen.

The citizenship you will acquire

All successful applicants will become British citizens by descent. As a British citizen by descent you will not normally be able to pass on British citizenship to any children born outside a British territory

​How can Immigration Assist help you with this process:

We offer to facilitate the UKM application process from start to finish.

We will consult with you and do an assessment to ensure firstly that you qualify to make the application and secondly we will also assess which of the required documents you may possess and which you will need to acquire.

We then form a strategy to assist you in procuring any outstanding documentation needed for the Citizenship application.

Once we are happy that we have all that is required to submit a successful application we will start garnering the required information required for the actual Citizenship application process.

In order to make a successful application for United Kingdom Citizenship though your Mother:

Your Vault copy of birth registration certificate

Your Marriage certificate if your name has changed through marriage.

Your Mother's full Birth certificate

Your mother Marriage certificate

In cases where your Mother was not born in the UK, you will need her Parents full UK Birth certificate
You will also need a valid SA Passport and ID for the process.
You will also need 2 referees for this process

Referee one

Must hold a British passport and be over 25

Referee two

Must be a professional person and they can hold an SA Passport,

Both referees must know you personally for longer than 3 years, be unrelated to you and not live with you.
There will be forms for the referees to sign on your behalf which will be provided during the lodging stage.

During the process, you will be required to enrol your biometric details for the purpose of identity verification at a designated application centre, where your biometric details will be recorded.

We will assist in booking your biometric appointment at the TLS application centre closest to your home and provide you with a biometric enrolment appointment letter so that this can be done.

 The application and accompanying documents will be couriered to Liverpool for a decision to be reached, the process takes between 6 and 12 months. You will be notified by the closest High Commission or Consulate to attend a swearing in ceremony in which you will be sworn in as a UK Citizen and receive a certificate of registration of British Citizenship.


We will assist in ensuring that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible.

You will then be able to apply for a British Passport.


Retention of SA Citizenship

NB it is imperative that you inform the department of Home Affairs that you will be acquiring another Citizenship. Home affairs will issue you with a Retention Letter. One risks losing their South African Citizenship if they do not inform SA Home affairs that they are acquiring another citizenship and intend to retain their South African Citizenship