​Apostilles and Legalisation of documentation


Immigration assist offer a variety of services for the authentication of documentation

We offer Notary service for documents that need to be copied and authenticated such as University degrees and passports and other documents that cannot physically have an authentication certificate attached to it. The Notarised copies are then authenticated at the High Court before taken to the relevant Embassy or Consulate General.

Immigration assist offer an authentication service for Apostille Hague member states in which an Apostille certificate of authentication is attached to actual document. We also authenticate documents for non-Apostille Hague member states such as UAE, Qatar  We offer further to have the authenticated documents legalised at the various Embassy’s.

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We also offer to have documents translated if necessary

Most documents can be authenticated at the:

Department of International Relations and Cooperation commonly referred to as DIRCO

DIRCO have records of all government officials’ designation numbers and signatures. An Apostle is an acknowledgement from DIRCO that the document in question has been signed by a recognised authority and that this document is therefore authentic and valid.

Matric certificates and Educational degrees and diplomas must first be verified at the Department of Education before taken to DIRCO.

Medicals must first be verified at the Health Professions Council of South Africa, known as the HPCSA before they can be verified at DIRCO.

Please take note that the Apostille is sewed onto the Certificate with a ribbon and the ribbon is sealed to the Apostille by means of a wax stamp bearing DIRCO's Insignia. It would be advisable to order additional copies of your certificates if you need them for additional purposes


Apostille turnaround time

Please note that an appointment is required both to submit the applications and then to collect them when ready.

We generally submit at Dirco on a Friday and collect the following Friday.

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