Expungements of criminal records

If you have a criminal record that is more than 10 years old.

You can make an application for an expungement.

The criteria for this application

You have not since been convicted of any crimes.
The crime was not of a sexual nature or murder.
That you did not spend any time in jail
You did not pay a fine of more than R20 000.
If the conviction was for assault that it was assault common and not GBH.

  It is a 3 step process which will take about 5 months.

Step 1

The first step is to have finger prints taken at your local police station.

We then take these prints to the South African police service to apply for a clearance certificate.

The police clearance certificate will indicate the nature of the offence, the time frame and fines if any.

Step two is to take the police clearance certificate to the Department of Justice and apply for an expungement.

The department of justice will then apply to high court to have the criminal record removed.

If the application has been successful

The criminal record will be expunged.

Step 3

We would require a new set of prints and we will apply for a clearance certificate which will state that there are no convictions listed on the applicant’s name..