Terms and conditions:
Documents are to be paid for upfront.

British Passports are to be paid for upfront to enable us to pay HMPO and the couriers upfront

We take no responsibility for any decisions, actions or in actions of any Consulate, Embassy or document issuing authority.

We are not responsible for what is printed on any document obtained from Home Affairs or any other source. Should there be any errors or Mistakes these are the responsibility of the issuing authority to correct.

We will notify you when the documents are ready for collection, It is the responsibility of the client to either collect these in person or to send a third party person person or service provider to collect or to arrange a delivery with us. Documents not collected within 6 months will be destroyed for identity privacy protection.

We take no responsibility for any losses of documents as a result of couriers or airlines whether such courier was booked by our company or a 3rd party

We will endeavor to provide up to date information but will not be responsible for any changes in policy that effect an application in any way what so ever.

We will not be hold responsible for any errors or mistakes on certificates issued by the department of Home affairs, the SAPS or any Embassy or Consulate. Any corrections required will incur additional fees.

It is advised to make sure that you have all correct documentation before booking any travel arrangements as we will not be responsible for any loss as a result of non-delivery.

Clients are responsible for the costs involved for 3rd party courier companies. We will not take responsibility for any documents lost in transit.

Should clients have existing applications at Home affairs for any document, they will need to collect this document from Home affairs. This will be ready at the initial branch of application. The fees paid to Immigration Assist will be non refundable.

Time frames quoted are a general guideline based on an average time frame taken to issue similar documents in the past. We are not responsible for delays caused by the Government department handling the application.

We are not responsible if Home Affairs have lost any Birth registers required for an unabridged birth certificate or a vault copy of this birth registration form. We will advise how to rectify the disposition.

We are not responsible for if Home affairs have lost the Marriage register required for an unabridged marriage certificate. Should you be able to acquire the marriage register from the place of marriage or from an archived source then we can assist in having these filed in head office and used for the purpose of processing the unabridged marriage certificate.

Should you not be able to give us a Marriage register we cannot offer any guideline on how long it will take to process an unabridged marriage certificate.

Please note that in the case of adoptions, Home Affairs will not release the vault copy of birth registration certificate. This is due to the Privacy Protection Act. They will not release these even if all parties to the adoption consent. Should you not have advised us that there was an adoption there will unfortunately be no refund

In the case of certificates for people born before 1975 , please note that these generally take longer than for people born after 1975. 

 Refund and cancellation policy

Should a client wish to cancel an application where they requested a document that needed to be paid for upfront in full and we have already incurred costs as a result of this no refund will be available

In cases where we are forced to cancel an application for whatever reason, we will refund 50% of the funds paid over. This will be done after 10 working days.

Privacy policy

Due to the sensitive nature of the documents we are applying for, strict care will be ensured when dealing with private information.

All forms once applications have been completed will be destroyed by shredding

All electronic version of application forms will be destroyed

No information will be passed on to any 3rd parties other than necessary authorities involved in the application process.