Police clearances

Police Clearance certificates

How can we Help you:

We assist by making the application direct with the Criminal Record Centre (CRC) in Pretoria, We check on your applications on a daily bases. Once the application is finalized, we collect the Police clearance certificate and courier it directly you. We facilitate in having the clearances processed in an expedited time frame.

Services offered

Standard Service
15 to 20 working days once the prints are on the system

Urgent service

We offer a 7 to 10 working day option

Extreme Urgent service
We are also able to do emergency police clearances in 5 to 10 working days

Police clearance certificates
We Guarantee our service delivery and are proud of our delivery history.

Police clearance information
South African police clearances certificates are processed at the Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.
Finger prints can be taken at your local police station between 9am and 4pm weekdays only.

You can also submit prints taken at a Commissioner of Oaths if you would prefer to not visit the police station.

Please find the relevant Application Form
Once the application has been handed in at the CRC
The applicants prints and identity number is loaded on the system.
The Criminal Record Centre then uses the finger prints and ID number of the applicant to determine whether they have a criminal record, by checking the CRC data bases.
Should there be no record listed against the applicant’s name. The Police clearance certificate will be issued, stating that no convictions have been recorded for any crime on the Applicants name in South Africa.

Should there be convictions listed on the applicant’s name these convictions will be listed on the police clearance certificate, with the date of the conviction, nature of the conviction, the sentence, jail term and fine if any.

NB Should there be convictions, these will need to be disclosed beforehand as this causes delays in the process.

Please note that convictions for minor offences older than 10 years old can be removed 

Please contact us fir assistance with expungements of criminal records.

Police clearances certificates can be used for South African’s or foreigners that have lived in South Africa for more than 6 months. Who wish to obtain or renew certain visa’s, working visa’s, for job applications or for immigration purposes in South Africa and abroad.
This application can only be processed in Pretoria.

 It is highly recommended that you seek assistance with your Police clearance certificates, Avoid waiting for backlogs, long queues and waiting times. Avoid having your certificate or Prints lost or misplaced or having your clearance issued with errors on it.

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People living abroad or in different provinces can also courier or post these application to our offices and we will submit the applications on your behalf. Contact Immigration Assist to avoid applications getting lost in the post or miss placed.